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Best of Central Asia

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Best of Central Asia

Take a journey across the vast expanses of Central Asia on an expedition through the rugged and remote regions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. From the glossy modernity of Nur-Sultan with its futuristic cityscapes, to the spellbinding ancient architecture of Samarkand’s mosques and mausoleums: visit unique cities and distant villages as you cross hundreds of kilometres of epic mountain passes and surreal landscapes – incomparable to anywhere else on earth. While political and military forces have battled over these regions for centuries, life in these isolated areas has changed very little – adding to the allure of this expansive cultural landscape. This is a trip designed for the true adventurer, for those craving escapism, outstanding beauty, unrivalled hospitality and the feeling of complete remoteness. Important Notice: The border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan is not open at the moment. We will review the status of trip operation about 3 months before departure and inform our customers accordingly.

  • Nur-Sultan - City tour
  • Ak Tau - city tour
  • Boszhira Valley - Jeep safari
  • Boszhira Valley – Chalky canyon
  • Boszhira Valley – Ustyurt Plateau salty lake
  • Ak Tau - Sherkala mountain
  • Ak Tau - Airakty Shumanai Valley
  • Ak Tau – Valley of Orbs
  • Ak Tau – Shakpak Ata
  • Turkistan – Caravan Serai complex
  • Otrar - Ancient settlement
  • Turkistan - Yasui Mausoleum
  • Almaty - Panfilov Park
  • Almaty - Zenkov Cathedral
  • Almaty - Kok Tobe Hill
  • Almaty - Central State Museum
  • Almaty - Museum of Kazakh Musical Instruments
  • Almaty – Lake Issyk
  • Almaty – Turgen Gorge
  • Almaty – Winery visit and wine tasting
  • Charyn Canyon - National Park
  • Karakol - Dungan Mosque
  • Karakol - Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral
  • Karakol - Przhevalskiy Museum
  • Karakol - Jeti Orghuz Canyon Hike
  • Cholpan Ata - Petroglyphs
  • Bishkek - City Tour
  • Osh - Suleiman's Mountain
  • Osh - Bazaar
  • Tajikistan - Karakul Lake
  • Langar - Petroglyphs
  • Vrang - Buddist Stupa
  • Ptup - Yamchun Fort
  • Khorog - Regional Museum
  • Khorog - Pamir Botanical Gardens
  • Khorog – Bazaar
  • Dushanbe - City Tour
  • Dushanbe – Hissor Fort
  • Dushanbe – National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan
  • Samarkand - Shakh-I-Zinda
  • Samarkand - Registan
  • Samarkand - Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum
  • Samarkand - Bibi-Khanym Mosque
  • Samarkand - Paper making workshop & home cooked lunch
  • Discover the history and architecture of the Silk Road, visiting ancient mausoleums and mosques on guided tours in the cities of Turkistan, Sayram and Otrar.
  • Travel alongside locals and admire wild, sweeping vistas on train rides across the Kazakh steppe, then experience the hospitality of Central Asia with five nights spent across Tajikistan's excellent homestay network.
  • Immerse yourself with the surreal landscapes of the 'wild west' of Kazakhstan in Boszhira Valley, the picturesque alpine Lake Issyk and visit Grand Canyon's 'little brother', Charyn Canyon.
  • Soaring along the iconic Pamir Highway is an unforgettable experience, especially in fine weather when the mighty peak of Muztag Ata rears its head.
  • Witness the much-photographed Registan in Samarkand – one of the true pinnacles of Islamic architecture. Be wowed by the grandeur and beauty of the monuments to iconic figures such as Tamerlane
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Day Destination
1 Nur-Sultan (Astana)
2 Nur-Sultan (Astana)
3 Jana Ozon
4 Boszhira Valley
5 Ak Tau
6 Turkistan
7 Shymkent/Overnight train
8 Almaty
9 Almaty
10 Almaty – KAZ/KGZ Border Crossing – Karakol
11 Karakol
12 Bishkek
13 Bishkek
14 Bishkek
15 Chychkan/Toktogul/Kok Bel
16 Osh
17 Sary Tash
18 Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan Border Crossing – Murgab
19 Langar
20 Ptup
21 Khorog
22 Khorog
23 Kala-i Khum
24 Dushanbe
25 Dushanbe
26 Penjikent
27 Tajikistan/Uzbekistan Border Crossing – Samarkand
28 Samarkand
29 Tashkent
30 Tashkent
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